Frequently Asked Questions

Meregrass provides memorable flying experiences.
Listed below are a few Frequently Asked Questions. However, should you have additional inquiries please Contact Us via our website or call us directly at 254-445-3322 as we seek to ensure your travel experience is extraordinary.

What information does Meregrass require to complete my reservation?

  • Departure & Arrival Airport(s)
  • Departure & Arrival Date(s) and Time(s)
  • Passenger Legal Names
  • Individual Passenger Weights (lbs)
  • Passenger Dates of Birth
  • Expected Luggage (# of bags & lbs)
  • Lead Passenger Email Address and Day Of Flight Phone Number

When should I arrive at the airport?

Arrive when your schedule allows. Meregrass staff is here to accommodate you and your schedule. All we need is approximately 15 minutes for our team to load your luggage/items and we’ll be on our way.

Are flights conducted with two pilots?

Yes, your Meregrass flight will always be operated by an experienced Captain and a First Officer.

What’s the flying experience of each pilot?

charter-argus-logo-22pngWith an ARG/US Gold rating we ensure that our pilots are among the most experienced and well trained in the charter industry. Our pilot hiring process mandates that each new hire possess exceptional qualifications, including a minimum of 3,000 hours flying time, a minimum of 1,000 hours’ turbine time, a minimum of 500 hours of jet PIC time, an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (the FAA’s most stringent pilot qualification). To reinforce their skills, Meregrass Captains must return every 6 months (co-pilots annually) to CAE Simuflite for training in state-of-the-art, full-motion flight simulators.

Does Meregrass have a safety rating?

Yes, Meregrass has been awarded the ARG/US Gold safety rating. The ARG/US audit verifies an air carrier is managed, organized and run in a manner most conducive to safe operations.

What if I am running late to the terminal?

We request that you call ahead and let us know your estimated time of arrival. This ensures our staff will be ready and waiting. Regardless, however we will always wait until you arrive.

Those flying with charter groups will need to call ahead to make arrangements should you be running late.

Are there any airport fees I will have to pay?

No. Meregrass does not have any hidden fees to guests. Airport fees are included in your Meregrass charter fee.

Will I receive any details before my flight?

Once booked, flight reservations are confirmed by email with flight itinerary. The email will contain all customer, flight, and private terminal information along with confirmation of any previously requested services.

A day before your scheduled departure, customers will receive a confirmation e-mail including all details of the flight along with the crew names.

What amenities can I find on board a Meregrass aircraft?

All our private planes include access to Satellite Radio. The Falcon jets offer complimentary TV. Additionally, the Falcon 900 has complimentary Wi-Fi internet.

Beverages & snacks are stocked on all jets. Beverages may consist of soda’s, bottled water and Gatorade. A selection of spirits, beer, and wine may also be provided. Snack baskets contain cookies, chips nuts crackers and cookies.

Please contact Meregrass for catering options.

Do Meregrass aircraft have lavatories?

Yes. All Meregrass lavatories are enclosed spaces. (This is a benefit very few other charter companies offer.)

Are pets welcome on flights?

Absolutely. Pets are welcome and they can enjoy the main cabin with you. Pet passengers must be restrained in accordance with FAA regulations for taxi, takeoff, and landing.

How much luggage can I bring on my flight?

Baggage capacity varies greatly between each aircraft. Every aircraft has certain limits to the weight of baggage. It is always best to provide Meregrass with your anticipated luggage weight and volume as far in advance as possible to determine if all items can be transported on the aircraft or if other arrangements will be needed.

Is there a weight limit on baggage?

It is recommended to provide Meregrass with your anticipated luggage weight and volume in advance. Depending on the weight and amount of luggage Meregrass may need additional time to adjust the weight before take off.